Hydrogen Mobility Europe

32 miljoen voor waterstof mobiliteit in Europa:

A large coalition of European partners has launched the Hydrogen Mobility Europe project (H2ME). H2ME is co-funded with €32 million from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). The project will support the deployment of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) across Europe.


H2ME is the largest European project of this nature and is based around an alliance of the four most ambitious hydrogen mobility initiatives in Europe: H2 MOBILITY Deutschland, Mobilité Hydrogène France, Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership and UK H2 Mobility. These initiatives originally brought together the key stakeholders in the hydrogen sector (vehicle manufacturers, hydrogen refuelling station providers and Government representatives), to study and develop strategies to make hydrogen-fuelled transport a reality in the respective regions.


Een quote van mijn indirecte collega Fabio Ferrari, CEO, Symbio FCell and coordinator for the French activities under H2ME commented: “Mobilité Hydrogène France has developed a roll-out strategy with a first phase based on the deployment of fleets of vehicles sharing public and semi-public hydrogen refuelling stations. This simultaneous deployment of fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure will create the basis for a nationwide infrastructure, ready for passenger cars. This strategy is gathering real interest from many customers in a number of French cities, and the first deployments of vehicles and fuelling stations have already begun. In order to scale up and make fuel cell vehicles attractive to all consumers and to passenger car manufacturers, it is essential to invest in refuelling infrastructure coverage across France and across Europe. This is why we believe that a pan-European coordinated plan is absolutely key to the long term success of this promising technology for clean mobility”.

DEOdrive is partner van verschillende deelnemers in bovenstaand programma. Wij assisteren (nuts)organisaties, bedrijven en overheden bij de realisatie van waterstof vulpunten, gevoed met duurzame energie waaruit de waterstof wordt geproduceerd. Tevens ontwikkelt DEOdrive op verzoek van organisaties en bedrijven voertuigen die elektrisch op waterstof rijden. De eerste versies daarvan rijden reeds rond in Nederland: de Hykangoo FCV bestelauto.

bron: http://www.h2me.eu/